Polar Bear 2021 Season Recap

Monday, March 29th, 2021
A lot goes into the Polar Bear Season, however, your participation is what makes it happen and one reason why Kerry and myself enjoy it.
This year we didn’t have to wait till summer for the awards but we had a rainy day.. this didn’t stop the perfect attendance crowd as we finished with 7 having perfect attendance!!
A huge congratulations to them for the accomplishment
now some more stats I found interesting
between sign-up and the first couple of rides we had 75  riders and passengers
we had 57 come to at least 2 destinations
and today we had 42 of the 75 be awarded a patch that’s 56% of the total participants …
There are pictures of the top 3 polar bear riders but I had to add an old one of Kerry as he couldn’t stay today
Like we said we couldn’t do it without all of you !
if anyone has any suggestions for next year please let Kerry or myself know
soon the standings will be on the website but here are the top 10 .. the competition gets close, for instance, I missed 2 destinations and trailered today. not counting the mileage that would have added 825 to my total putting me in 3rd place. it’s good to see new names in the top 10
Last but not least thanks to Classic Harley-Davidson for all that they do for the HOG Group, we had a great meal today and gift cards !
 Thanks Again for All the Support this year !
See you in November
Kerry and Kevin
  1. KNERR HARRY       10,607
  2. COMLY CHRIS         9,352
  3. DIBLER KERRY        6,985
  4. WICKWARD DON     6,258
  5. BLEVINS KEVIN       6,223
  6. RIMMER TODD         5,629
  7. CONFER (P) JOANN  5,188
  8. STEFFEY JIM            5,188
  9. FULLER JOHN           5,125
  10. KELLY (P) KIM          4,883

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