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WWW – Slyfox – Recap

Wednesday, April 12th, 2023

We had a nice ride tonight from the dealership to Slyfox in Pottstown; 12 bikes, 14 members and 1 guest rode to the destination.  Four other members rode directly to the venue.

Scott Wagner was the lucky gift card winner (lucky #9).
Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out.  See everyone tomorrow at the meeting or at the next ride.

Million Mile Monday = Ride Recap

Monday, April 10th, 2023
It was a great day for a ride. 
Not a cloud in the sky all day!

5 riders rode to Altoona for lunch. 
It’s always a good day riding in the mountains of central PA. 
It was an easy 400 mile day, and our riders added another 2,000 miles to our million mile goal. 
I’m sure these 5 riders were not the only ones out riding today. 
If 5 riders accumulate 2,000 miles in one day, multiplied by 365 days = 730,000 miles. 
Imagine if we could get everyone to record their mileage.
Every mile matters!!
Mark your calendars for the next MMM on Monday May 8. 
Destination is to be determined. 
See you there,
Harry Knerr
Iron Butt Premier Member

World of Beer – Recap

Saturday, April 8th, 2023

We had a great ride today through the woods and back country of Berks and Chester counties.   The temperature was cool but the sun was shining so it felt like a nice early spring day.

We had 9 bikes and 11 people ride from the dealership and another member meet us at the venue.  The food, drinks, and fellowship were all fantastic.
For those who could not make it today there is GOOD NEWS!!!  Today was not the mystery cash-back ride so everyone still has a chance for that.  Everyone can be a winner with the cash-back award, the only requirements are that you are a Berks HOG member (sorry, no cash for guests) and that you do the ride from the dealership to the destination.
Thanks again Sue Mullen for the ride suggestion.  If anyone else has suggestions, please get them to a road captain as we are already scoping out destinations for 2024 ride season.




Polar Bear Recap Final Destination #14

Saturday, March 25th, 2023
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Hello Fellow Polar Bear,

It was a cold rainy ride to our 14th and final Polar Bear destination. We had 7 members arrive at Classic HD for check-in. There were 7 riders and no passengers. I can’t understand why exactly. There was a large group of members who arrived to receive their Polar Bear Year Patch at the awards program.

A BIG THANKS’ goes out to Kevin Kodz and the Classic HD team for sponsoring the awards and the free lunch (who says there is no such thing as a free lunch) from J.R.’S Brisket and BBQ. Their brisket and pulled pork is some of the best. Apparently, their beans were a big hit also because they ran out close to the end of the day. It probably was a good thing that everyone left the building soon after the awards, if you know what I mean.  

Below are the standings for the three recognized categories.

TOTAL POINTS: (the sum of points earned for sign-in plus miles ridden)
3. 8,816 – Harry Knerr
2. 9,837 – Todd Rimmer
1. 10,255 – George Miller

Steve Smith
Todd Rimmer
George Miller

MOST MILES RIDDEN: (listing a few people’s mileage for Polar Bear Season)
8. 2,230 – Dave Bletz
7. 2,357 John Fuller
6. 2,863 – Scott Wagner
5. 3,765 – Steve Smith
4. 5,378 – Kevin Blevins
3. 5,981 – Todd Rimmer
2. 6,066 – Harry Knerr
1. 6,405 – George Miller
Todd and I would like to thank everyone for attending the destinations and supporting Berks HOG Polar Bear Program. We hope that you all enjoyed the destinations as much as we did. We have all new destinations picked for next years program.

The next Polar Bear event and destination will be in November. The forecast as of now will be mostly sunny and a high of 60 degrees.

Hope to see you at the start of Polar Bear Season 2023-2024
George M and Todd R

Polar Bear Recap Destination #13

Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

Hello Fellow Polar Bear,

It was a cold damp ride to our 13th Polar Bear destination. We had 11 members arrive at The Little Oley Tavern for check-in. There were 9 riders and 2 passengers.

The next Polar Bear event and destination is Saturday, March 25th at Classic HD. Sign-in time is12 – 2 PM.  This is the last event for the 2022-2023 Polar Bear Season. The forecast as of now will be cloudy with rain showers and a high of 58 degrees. I am sure that will change to sunny and 60 degrees. 

There are 3 people with perfect attendance. 

Hope to see you at the destination
George M and Todd R


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