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Polar Bear Awards – That’s all folks !

Sunday, March 20th, 2022
Was a very pleasant day for the ride into Classic for our Polar Bear Awards Wrapping up the 2021-2022 Polar Bear Season. No Rain and warm temps let us have the awards outside. 
 Noone took me up on the 200 points per lap wearing shorts but I do believe a few people did a lap qualifying for a free T-Short from Classic 
 We had 25 people show up on Bikes today and if we missed your picture we apologize .
    now this year was a close race for the top 10 .. well almost except for the first-place finisher. places 2-10 were separated by less than 500 points it could have been anyone. the rest of the qualifiers were all within 2K of the 2nd place.. 
 So the top 3 are 
Harry Knerr–   1st place – perfect attendance – only rider to have earned a patch all 22 years of the program -9506 total points
Scott Wagner – 2nd Place  – 4859 total points 
Todd Rimmer–  3rd Place  – 4667 total points 
Congratulations Gentlemen in addition to your gift card you will receive a Custom Polar Bear Long Sleeve Shirt with extra graphics and your ranking embroidered on the Left Sleeve – If I don’t have your size please let me know ( email or 484-663-4250) 
Speaking of T-Shirts we have one week left to place and pay for your order. If you mail it to me -280 Drift Rd , Palmerton ,PA 18071 please send a check made out to berks hog 
Once Again Kerry and I would like to thank all of you who came out and supported polar bear this year 
and with that said .. it’s a wrap 
Kerry and Kevin 

Polar Bear Recap – Karlton Cafe

Sunday, March 13th, 2022
Today was another “seasonable” day … snow-covered and drifting roads again for the breakfast run – cue in breakfast hut on Jan 30 … temps in the teens. 
We had 6 for breakfast and we all sat and talked and waited for a rider to appear .. In fact as Kerry and I were reflecting that we’d never been shut out, and with minutes to spare, f@%kiing A showed up, or at least that’s how he signed in !  On 2nd glace it was none other than our own Harry Knerr. Now, provided he shows up next week he will be the lone rider with perfect attendance and the only rider with 21 polar bear seasons completed 
NOW FOR AN ANNOUNCEMENT – next Saturday is the awards ceremony at Classic and it is also their Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness Event , topped off with the UNDIE 500. There may be some of you who have the months and the minimum attendance BUT STILL NEED POINTS to earn your Polar Bear . Have no fear ( or maybe a little fear) for Kerry and I have the solution. For each lap ridden in your “Undies or PJ’s” participating in the Undie 500 event, we’ll award you 200 points to your polar bear qualification. NOW SINCE Polar Bear is an Extreme Event miles will only be awarded to those who ride the laps in shorts/short sleeves, PJ’s, or Undies (if your brave enough) Classic will throw in an event T-Shirt for your effort 
Thanks to everyone who showed up today 
Kerry and Kevin

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Thursday, March 10th, 2022

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Polar Bear Recap Shaylors Brewing Company

Saturday, March 5th, 2022

was a great day for a ride ! Sunshine and seasonable temps. We’re winding down the season with just one more destination ride and then the awards… We filled up the bar and a few tables. Had a nice group with 22 on bikes and 4 who came via vehicle. The staff did a great job and all the food I saw looked delicious!  to date we still have 4 with perfect attendance 
 ALSO don’t forget the T-Shirts this will be a one-time run of shirts. Dave Weik will have a sign-up sheet at the meeting. Orders will be taken until the awards banquet 
Thanks Again to all who came out today
 Kerry and Kevin


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