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Polar Bear Recap – The Weik’s

Friday, January 1st, 2021
What a nice brisk morning ride and before any weather set in … temps heading in were in the low 20’s and headed back were high 20’s to low 30’s, perfect polar bear weather  … Dave and Debbie had everything set up on our arrival with snacks and hot beverages and water, our thanks to them for graciously volunteering their home as a destination over hanging out in the parking lot at Dutchway… this past year has been one of adapting to the rapidly changing circumstances regarding dining… 
 we had 35 total folks who came out and hung out for a bit today … and we still have 14 with perfect attendance.
Happy New Year and Thanks to all who came out today.
Kerry and Kevin 

Polar Bear Recap – The Westy

Sunday, December 20th, 2020
Well, today was polar bear weather for sure ! I saw temps in the teens headed down and a balmy 28 headed home … However, a beautiful day for a ride, and looks like 19 other folks agreed with us … It was refreshing to sit inside for a bite to eat and socialize… Anyway, we had 16 folks arrive on bikes and 5 show up in their daily driver… Now for perfect attendance, we are now down to 14
Thanks Again to All who showed up and hung around…
Our next Polar Bear is New Year’s Day…
Until then we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 
See you in 21′
Kerry and Kevin

Polar Bear Recap Shirley’s Tequila Bar

Sunday, December 6th, 2020

Wow-what a day for a ride … Sunny weather and mid 30’s to low 40’s
made for a great ride … a lot of folks agreed with us as we had 45
members on bikes, 1 on 4 wheels, and a guest rider Rodney.
Once again we seemed to fill the place up with only a few not staying
as of today, we are down to 27 with perfect attendance!

Thanks Again to all who came out today
Kerry and Kevin

Polar Bear Recap Oakbrook Brewing Company

Sunday, November 22nd, 2020
Wow, what a beautiful day ! Hard to believe we are a few days away from Thanksgiving and we had 60 degree weather… We had quite the turnout today with 54 folks checking in … YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT 54 CHECKED IN TODAY… This is a record for a destination check-in since Kerry and I started putting it together. Our prior record was 48 coming out to Chattys for breakfast on 12/7/19
Seemed most had a beer and many had sandwiches… everywhere you looked was bikes and Hog members.. what a wonderful sight
Thanks to everyone who showed up today!
We hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Kerry and Kevin

Polar Bear recap Old Forge Brewery

Sunday, November 15th, 2020
What a great day for a ride … We saw mid 30’s to low 40’s on the way to Danville and mid 40’s to low 50’s on the way back ….
Had a great turnout and most hung out to eat .. In fact, I think we took over the whole inside … we had 34 total and 32 with perfect attendance
A big thanks to all who turned out
See you next week at OakBrook Brewing
Kerry and Kevin


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