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Berks HOG Road Warrior Program

The starting mileage for the Road Warrior program will be officially recorded on the second Sunday of November of each year which is also the Polar Bear kickoff event. Your VIN number and odometer will read and recorded.  If you miss this event or you have more than one motorcycle to register, contact the Assistant Director by email, to have your odometer read.  Harry Knerr in the parts department at Classic Harley-Davidson can also take your mileage, or any other HOG officer (Log in and refer to the “Officers” tab for contact information).  Ending Road Warrior mileage will need to be turned in by the second Sunday of November in the next year at the kickoff event for the Polar Bear Program.  An alternate method of electronic verification of your bike’s mileage has been approved if extraneous circumstances makes it impractical for you to obtain a personal mileage verification. You may send a photo of your VIN and odometer to the Assistant Director using the email above.

Chapter Members, with a quest for mileage on their Harley-Davidson motorcycle, that accumulate a minimum of 10,000 miles in a one-year period as either a rider or passenger, are recognized as a Road Warrior. Each year our Road Warrior’s names, accumulated mileage, and the number of past years achieving a Road Warrior reward, is recorded into the chapter’s Road Warrior history book.  In addition, an award patch or yearly rocker patch is presented to wear in recognition of your achievement. A picture of the Road Warrior patch is provided on the chapter web site on the “Programs” tab. Members may register multiple Harley-Davidson motorcycles or rentals in one year and use each of them to accumulate miles toward their award.

Riders, passengers, Harley motorcycles, and odometer miles all must be registered using a signed Road Warrior Registration Form to participate and to begin earning miles in the program. The Road Warrior starting/ending registration date is also the start of the chapter’s Polar Bear program. If you miss the November program kickoff event you may register anytime during the program year. Please remember your window of time to accumulate miles is reduced because the program begins and ends every November.

The Road Warrior program is managed by the Assistant Director along with the help of all the chapter officers and the Parts Department staff at our sponsoring dealership Classic Harley-Davidson. It is the responsibility of every participant of the Road Warrior program to review and follow the registration information and program rules.  Contact the Assistant Director by e-mail at: for additional information.

Road Warrior Registration Form

Program Results and Starting Mileage:

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Benefits of Road Warrior riding:
–  All Qualifying Road Warriors receive the Road Warrior patch pictured on the “Programs” tab.
–  Multiple year participants receive a rocker to show their achievement.
–  Patches will be awarded to riders and passengers who successfully complete the program requirements.

Qualifying for the Road Warrior Patch:
– Riders and passengers will need to have their odometer’s mileage officially recorded and successfully complete 10,000 miles ridden within the one year time frame listed above.

Road Warrior Registration Information:
1)      Chapter Members may register to enter the program anytime by completing a Berks County HOG Road Warrior Registration Form. The form requires the signatures of the rider, passenger (if applicable), the motorcycle VIN, and starting mileage from the odometer. The mileage must be verified and the registration form signed by any chapter officer or employee of the Parts Department at Classic Harley-Davidson. The completed form shall be forwarded to the Assistant Director for registration and documentation.
2)      Chapter Members may register more than one motorcycle. Each motorcycle requires a separate Berks County HOG Road Warrior Registration Form. All of the rider’s registered motorcycle’s miles will be accumulated toward the program.
3)      Berks County Road Warrior Registration forms are available from the Assistant Director, any chapter officer, the Parts Department staff at Classic Harley-Davidson, or from the Road Warrior Registration Form link listed above.
4)      The chapter’s goal is to register every member and their motorcycle for the program.  Even if you come up short of the 10,000 miles, your mileage goes toward our annual chapter goal of one million total chapter miles.

Road Warrior Rules:
1)      Riders and passengers must be a member of Berks County HOG in order to participate in the program.
2)      Only Harley-Davidson motorcycles (including trikes) or Buell motorcycles may register.
3)      Chapter Members along with their motorcycle must be registered using the Berks County HOG Road Warrior Registration Form to begin accumulating miles for the program. Mileage accumulation begins from the starting mileage of the motorcycle’s odometer at the time it is registered.
4)      Mileage accumulation ends when the program closes in November on the date specified by the Assistant Director. The ending mileage from the motorcycle’s odometer must be documented on a Berks County HOG Road Warrior Registration Form and verified by any chapter officer or any employee of the Parts Department at Classic Harley-Davidson. A rider may submit their ending mileage anytime but not later than the date of the program closing.
5)      If a registered motorcycle is sold or its odometer is replaced, it is the responsibility of the rider to document the ending mileage and submit it to the Assistant Director with a copy of a dealer or DMV registration document showing the ending mileage. The replacement motorcycle or odometer must be registered with its starting mileage and submitted to the Assistant Director.
6)      Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental mileage will be included if a rental document from the rental company showing the rider name, date, and mileage ridden is submitted to the Assistant Director. If you borrow a Harley-Davidson motorcycle obtain similar information from the lender and submit it to the Assistant Director.
7)      A registered Chapter Member must accumulate a minimum of 10,000 miles within the program year on a registered motorcycle in order to qualify for the program and earn an award.
8)      Passengers must be registered along with a rider and will earn an award based on the miles accumulated with the rider. Using the honor system, the passenger should identify to the Assistant Director at the end of the program year that they rode a minimum of 10,000 miles or other specific amount with the rider. Otherwise the passenger miles will be based on the same miles accumulated by the rider. Only one passenger per rider is allowed to register.
9)      Riders and Passengers are expected to register their motorcycles and mileage in person. However electronic mileage registration may be done under special circumstances directly with the Assistant Director. This may be done by taking a date stamped photograph of the odometer and separate photograph of the motorcycle VIN within 5 days before the end of the program and emailing it to the Assistant Director. Contact the Assistant Director directly prior to using electronic mileage registration.
10)   Mileage award gifts may be presented in addition to the Road Warrior patch or rocker. Award of these gifts will be selected by a random drawing from all those who received a Road Warrior award during the Road Warrior year. Every Road Warrior will have an equal chance to obtain an additional award.


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