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MADE – Most Attended Day Events.

It starts with the 2016 Road Warrior mileage check on November 13, 2016 and runs through November 12, 2017 Road Warrior mileage check.


All day events, with the exception of LOH only rides, Classic Harley Davidson events, and non-chapter rides, will count toward the MADE program.  Overnight events and rides posted with less than two weeks’ notice will not be included for qualification.  A patch will be awarded to all qualified, eligible participants.


To be eligible for the award the following guidelines must be met:

1. Rider and passenger must be a Berks HOG Member.

2. Rider and passenger must be on a Harley Davidson or Buell motorcycle.

3. Rider and passenger must sign-in with the ride leader.

4. Rider and passenger must sign-in at a minimum of 20 events.


The top THREE participants will be recognized and receive a gift card from Classic Harley Davidson.

In the event of a tie for the top three participants, a random drawing will be held to determine the top three.

The top three winners will not be eligible for the remaining 10 awards.

The remaining 10 awards will be awarded in a random drawing of all eligible participants  (Except for the top three winners).

All awards will be given at the Christmas Party.



It is the responsibility of the rider and passenger to sign-in for award eligibility.


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