WWW 5/25 Barstool Sportsbook Casino Recap

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Well, what can I say, this week’s WWW had an awesome turnout.  We had warm temps, just right for a lite jacket.

We had 34 Hog’ers altogether.  21 on 15 bikes for the Wide down, and 13 went diwect.
Service was fantastic, too fast for some of us. And I could swear Pat Sajak was in the Casino holding tryouts for the Wheel of Fortune. 
Thank you all for coming out.  It was truly inspiring to see so many of you.  Let the good times roll.
Lucky #17 Vicky Fuller won the gift card.  
Your Wacky Wednesday Woad Captain

p.s. Thanks to Don Wickward for the arrival pics! – gcz

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