HOG Dollars

The HOG Dollars program gives active members an opportunity to earn special savings at Classic Harley-Davidson.  There will be 30 opportunities throughout the year to collect a HOG Dollar.  At the January HOG meeting, you can turn in your HOG dollars to receive coupons based on the number of HOG Dollars you’ve collected.  The breakdown is listed below.  To turn in your HOG Dollars, you’ll need to fill out a copy of the HOG Dollars form.

HOG Dollars Redemption Form


HOG Dollar Event Schedule


10 Hog Dollars  =     1 coupon for 10% discount


15 Hog Dollars  =     1 coupon for 15% discount


20 Hog Dollars  =     1 coupon for 20% discount or 2 coupons for 10% discount each


25 Hog Dollars  =     2 coupons, (1) 15% and (1) 10% discount each


30 Hog Dollars  =     2 coupons, (1) 20% and (1) 10% or 2 coupons for 15% discount each


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